What are they made from?

WheelieKiwi bin stickers are high resolution images digitally printed on self-adhesive, premium commercial grade outdoor vinyl.  

How long will they last?

The designs are UV fade resistant in outdoor use for up to 3 years.  They are waterproof, easy to clean and removeable if you want to change.

What size are they?

There are 3 sizes available designed to fit the front of the standard 240L, 120-140L and 80L council wheelie bins.  All stickers can be easily trimmed to fit other sizes as wheelie bins may vary slightly in different locations..

240L size is 820mm high x 400mm wide (tapering to 350mm at base of panel)

120L - 140L size is 630mm high x 400mm wide (tapering to 350mm at base of panel)

80L size is 630mm high x 340mm wide (tapering to 300mm at base of panel)

Am I allowed to put stickers on my wheelie bin?

Christchurch City Council has no objections to the marketing of bin decorations for the Christchurch City Council kerbside collection wheelie bins.  This is on the understanding that "decorations shall not cover serial numbers or other markings which identify the bins as part of the CCC kerbside collection system". (Waste Management Plan, City Water & Waste).  It is advisable to check with your own local council regarding any restrictions.

Who owns the bins in Christchurch?

The three Christchurch City Council bins are the property of Transpacific Industries Ltd and belong to the property. They do not belong to the owner or the dweller of the house and as such must remain at the property if the residents choose to move elsewhere. Please take care of the bins as any damage done to them may result in replacement costs being met by the property owner.
The designer Wheeliekiwi stickers may need to be taken off the wheeliebins when residents leave, as the bins may need to be relocated elsewhere.